[Many thanks to Philo for inviting me to be a contributor to The View- Beeb] Alternative title: Why “Eeuw” is the Appropriate Response. The instances of gender-bending fawning by the media over the president are too numerous to count at this point.  During the campaign, we had to deal with thrills going up legs,  Tim Geithner’s reportedly mutual presidential man-crush, and an erstwhile sports writer … Continue reading Gender-flex

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The Climategate revelations and the snowstorm that swept through Europe gave the Copenhagen global warming meetings an air of unreality. The spectacle of politicians gathering in Denmark with the goal of impoverishing their own societies provided that others do the same sets a new historical standard for idiocy. It isn’t just Climategate and snowstorms. Icecap reviews the evidence (HT: PowerLine): • The most effective greenhouse gas … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green

Comrade Obama

There’s increasing puzzlement about Obama’s foreign policy.  A variety of voices are wondering what vision lies behind a series of seemingly inexplicable actions.  It’s beginning to dawn on people that, as Glenn Reynolds puts it, a replay of the Carter administration is the best case scenario.  For example: I have suggested, in connection with President Obama’s dealings with Russia, that to call him a fool … Continue reading Comrade Obama

Reaction Roundup

John Hawkins has an illuminating roundup of conservative blog reactions to McCain’s defeat. Everyone in America knows the theme of Obama’s campaign—hope and change—even if no one knows what that really means. There was no theme to McCain’s campaign. “Country first”? That didn’t convey anything except McCain’s patriotism. And patriotism, even elevated to heroism, isn’t a political vision. It tells us nothing about where we … Continue reading Reaction Roundup

Thomas Sowell on Obama and Biden

He disapproves: Barack Obama has the kind of cocksure confidence that can only be achieved by not achieving anything else. Anyone who has actually had to take responsibility for consequences by running any kind of enterprise– whether economic or academic, or even just managing a sports team– is likely at some point to be chastened by either the setbacks brought on by his own mistakes … Continue reading Thomas Sowell on Obama and Biden