Comrade Obama

There’s increasing puzzlement about Obama’s foreign policy.  A variety of voices are wondering what vision lies behind a series of seemingly inexplicable actions.  It’s beginning to dawn on people that, as Glenn Reynolds puts it, a replay of the Carter administration is the best case scenario.  For example: I have suggested, in connection with President Obama’s dealings with Russia, that to call him a fool … Continue reading Comrade Obama

Joe the Plumber and Obama the Tabula Rasa

Maybe, for the first time, the shape of the current race is becoming clear. Joe the Plumber asked Barack Obama about taxes; Obama said that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” Now the Democrats are researching and attacking Joe, as if it matters who asked the question. What does matter is that Obama’s answer is prompting other questions. James Pethokoukis writes in US News … Continue reading Joe the Plumber and Obama the Tabula Rasa