Why Republicans Are Happier, Part II

I wrote earlier about Pew research findings that Republicans are happier than Democrats, and, generally, conservatives are happier than liberals. Here was my explanation: I think it’s likely that happy people are more likely to be Republicans, while unhappy people are more likely to be Democrats, for unhappiness gives one an incentive to seek change, and happiness an incentive to resist it. But the causal … Continue reading Why Republicans Are Happier, Part II

Defining Liberalism Down

Victor Davis Hanson, after noting that Democratic candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and John Kerry are all extraordinarily wealthy, notes other puzzling features of contemporary liberalism: Close your eyes and imagine. You hear one party demand tariffs and an end to free trade. Its supporters talk in terms of racial values and racial separateness, as it leaders calculate the white versus black vote … Continue reading Defining Liberalism Down

Gentry Liberalism

Joel Kotkin and Fred Siegel note the transformation of liberalism from an ideology that promoted the interests of middle-class Americans to one promoting the interests of the affluent, and notes that neither political party any longer represents middle-class concerns and interests very extensively. (HT: Instapundit.) I’ve already noted that Democrats are increasingly the party of the rich and poor. Kotkin and Siegel: Although many of … Continue reading Gentry Liberalism