Hillary Evitable?

Michael Weiss recounts the ways in which Hillary Clinton’s nomination no longer appears inevitable. The Iowa and Intrade election markets today have Hillary at around 30 and Obama around 70. Those putting their money on the line are betting heavily in favor of Obama. (Of course, in a sense we’re all putting our money on the line.) Meanwhile, the markets price McCain’s chances at the … Continue reading Hillary Evitable?

Is McCain the new Teddy Roosevelt?

Robert James Bidinotto points out something I should have seen before: John McCain is a Republican progressive, an intellectual descendant of Theodore Roosevelt. Like Roosevelt, he appears to be suspicious of business, devoted to political reform, and happy to use government power aggressively for what he sees as desirable economic, political, and international ends. More important than the Roosevelt presidency in the long run was … Continue reading Is McCain the new Teddy Roosevelt?