Why I Can’t Vote for a Democrat

Today the Democrats of the House and Senate approved restricting CIA interrogation techniques to those outlined in the Army Field Manual. Power Line correctly notes that this means that the Democratic Party simply is not serious about the national security of the United States. Over the last 36 hours, Congressional Democrats have again demonstrated a casual, even frivolous attitude toward their Constitutional duty to assist … Continue reading Why I Can’t Vote for a Democrat

The Ethics of Interrogation

Immanuel Kant wrote a short essay, “On a Supposed Right to Lie Because of Philanthropic Concerns,” in the Berlin Press in 1799, replying to a criticism of his views by Benjamin Constant. Constant described a case in which you allow a friend fleeing a murderer to take refuge in your house. The murderer comes to the door and asks whether the friend is there. Must … Continue reading The Ethics of Interrogation

“Who[m] Would Jesus Waterboard?”

Ah, Christmas—a time for holly, lights, caroling, manger scenes, and . . . politics. At our church, today’s services included “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” “Exceeding Joy” (a contemporary version of the Magnificat), “The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee,” and, as part of a sermon series on “Coming Home for Christmas,” a sermon on torture. Torture? Yes, today’s sermon was mostly about torture—not the … Continue reading “Who[m] Would Jesus Waterboard?”