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I don’t see how you can “automatically” strip anyone of citizenship without a trial that establishes guilt.  And even if that were the case, the Left doesn’t care about citizenship: for them, non-citizens have the same rights as citizens. Joe Lieberman is supposedly trying to update sedition laws to preremptorily strip citizenship from people who consort with, give aid to, take training from enemies of the United States.  How do you do that without trying them?  If they are citizens, they are entitled to due process, which presumably includes the presumption of innocence.  The score: cutie pie Scott Brown is co-sponsoring Lieberman’s bill (saying, “It’s about prevention” which is precisely the problem…), Charles Krauthammer agrees with them;  John Boehner, Jacob Sullum, and some others see it my way. [Update: Sen. Lieberman explains his bill in a press conference.  My question is, do we really- really– want the State Department deciding whose citizenship gets revoked? In the 1940’s, Alger Hiss was in the State Department and his ideological grandchildren are populating Foggy Bottom to this day.  The President Emeritus of the Saul Alinsky Fan Club is the Sec State, for heaven’s sake.  And they did such a fine job revoking Abdulmutallab’s visa-  he wasn’t even a citizen! As a practical matter, this places the State Department in the role of actually doing something for our national security.  Yeah, right.]

I’m sad that this clothes designer is going out of business.  She designed the good stuff, not this.  By the way, I got the last link by googling “Michelle Obama’s ugliest outfit.”

While I agree with the sentiment behind the Arizona Immigration bill, I wonder if it is constitutional (Jennifer Rubin cautions), or even especially helpful to local law enforcement.

A mistress’s lament: “I don’t like how mistresses are being portrayed in the media,” she says as she recalls Norman Mailer’s irresistable seduction: “He offered to help her with her manuscript, which included an account of her one night stand with Warren Beatty. He put his hand on her shoulder and said, ‘Take off your panties.  I want to feel your soul.'”  I dunno.  I get the feeling that this is a woman who wants her privates in print.  Or maybe these are just the two famous guys and she’s screwed a jillion other guys whose names don’t sell books.

I’m sorry: I’m so grossed out by the idea of anyone agreeing to be touched by Norman Mailer I’m going to have to go to my happy place, which today is Part 4 of the Discourse on Method by René Descartes.  Yeah, the famous “I think therefore I am.”  What  a crock, but at least he doesn’t touch anybody’s soul.


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Explaining Arizona

Kris Kobach, the author of the new Arizona immigration law, explains what it actually says, something few people have bothered to note.

[The law] prohibits the harboring of illegal aliens and makes it a state crime for an alien to commit certain federal immigration crimes. It also requires police officers who, in the course of a traffic stop or other law-enforcement action, come to a “reasonable suspicion” that a person is an illegal alien verify the person’s immigration status with the federal government.

He also explains why it’s necessary:

Arizona is the ground zero of illegal immigration. Phoenix is the hub of human smuggling and the kidnapping capital of America, with more than 240 incidents reported in 2008. It’s no surprise that Arizona’s police associations favored the bill, along with 70 percent of Arizonans.

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The truth is out.  The British Labour party has intentionally permitted—indeed, encouraged—very high levels of immigration to ensure itself a permanent electoral majority and to undermine the “British” character of British society.  Melanie Phillips:

So now the cat is well and truly out of the bag. For years, as the number of immigrants to Britain shot up apparently uncontrollably, the question was how exactly this had happened.

Was it through a fit of absent-mindedness or gross incompetence? Or was it not inadvertent at all, but deliberate?

The latter explanation seemed just too outrageous. After all, a deliberate policy of mass immigration would have amounted to nothing less than an attempt to change the very make-up of this country without telling the electorate.

There could not have been a more grave abuse of the entire democratic process. Now, however, we learn that this is exactly what did happen. The Labour government has been engaged upon a deliberate and secret policy of national cultural sabotage….

It was therefore a politically motivated attempt by ministers to transform the fundamental make-up and identity of this country. It was done to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions.

It was done to destroy for ever what it means to be culturally British and to put another ‘multicultural’ identity in its place. And it was done without telling or asking the British people whether they wanted their country and their culture to be transformed in this way.

Thomas Sowell notes that the Obama administration seems intent on “dismantling America.”  There are many forms of national cultural sabotage, which is not solely a British phenomenon.

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Going Negative

The Obama campaign is bringing us a new politics in one sense—it’s bringing us a series of the most dishonest ads ever seen in American politics. It’s even going after McCain on earmarks, which is absurd:

Remarkably, Barack Obama has decided to take on John McCain on the subject of earmarks. This is somewhat like Al Capone taking on Eliot Ness on the subject of bootlegging. The McCain campaign released this response:

While Senator McCain has never requested a single earmark, Senator Obama has requested nearly a billion dollars worth during his short time in office. Though Senator Biden has been in the Senate for 36 years, he has only disclosed his earmarks for one year.Senator Obama increased his earmark requests during each of his first three years in office. Governor Palin has cut requests for earmarks for Alaska by $150 million since entering office, and she has cut those requests every single year. She has also vetoed a half billion dollars in wasteful spending at the state level.

One might ask, what makes Obama think he can get away with this nonsense, when the facts are the precise opposite of his claims? But you know the answer to that question.

The campaign has also been running dishonest ads about immigration in Spanish, trying to link McCain to Rush Limbaugh. The two disagree sharply about immigration, of course, as anyone who listens to Rush knows. The ad moreover quotes Rush’s remarks about Mexico’s immigration policy as if they were comments on our own.

Meanwhile, Obama supporters have hacked Sarah Palin’s private email account. Unbelievable.

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You’ve probably heard about that already, but you won’t really get the force of it until you see the video.

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Immigration and Poverty

Mark Steyn comments on a simple but rarely made point:

When advanced economies admit ever larger numbers of unskilled workers (plus a chain of relatives through “family reunification”), they are importing poverty.

Those who worry about the modesty of gains in median household or per capita income over the past forty years rarely recognize that, given high immigration rates, it’s remarkable that median income has risen at all.

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Fjordman points out a paradox in multicultural orthodoxy: Indigenous peoples’ resistance to the arrival of people from other parts of the world, with other cultures, was noble in the past, but it’s racist today. The Sioux were justified in trying to defend their homeland—but the Danes and Serbs aren’t.

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