Democrats Refuse to Thank Troops

This week a bipartisan group of Senators introduced a resolution “recognizing the strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq” that “commends and expresses the gratitude to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for the service, sacrifices, and heroism that made the success of the troop surge in Iraq possible.” Of course, the Democratic leadership was in opposition. Democratic Senate Majority … Continue reading Democrats Refuse to Thank Troops

Protesting Iran

Francis Beckwith and Meryl Yourish have details on how the Democrats have played hardball to prevent Sarah Palin from showing up at a protest of Iran. I like David Bernstein‘s comment best: Let me get this straight: if the only prominent American politician to attend a rally against Iran is Hillary Clinton, the rally is a neutral, nonpartisan event. If Hillary Clinton AND Sarah Palin … Continue reading Protesting Iran

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania 55%-45%

Hillary has her double-digit lead, keeping her campaign alive. John Hinderaker reports on Obama’s friends. Stan Kurtz investigates the “Audacity of Hope” sermon that inspired Obama. Peter Wehner reflects on the reactions to the last Democratic debate: Consider this thought experiment: Assume that a conservative candidate for the GOP nomination spent two decades at a church whose senior pastor was a white supremacist who uttered … Continue reading Hillary Wins Pennsylvania 55%-45%

Hillary Under Fire

Exaggeration is one thing, but confusing hugs with sniper fire? I love the euphemism “misspoke,” incidentally, as if this was some sort of malapropism. Still, I think many people are tempted to embellish the truth from time to time, to project an image more positive, more interesting, and more dramatic to their listeners than the facts warrant. It must be an occupational hazard of politicians, … Continue reading Hillary Under Fire

The Obama-Clinton Debate

Blogging the Obama-Clinton debate at the University of Texas at Austin, with my wife, my daughter, and with a friend, Mical: Hillary’s opening statement was strong; she reported stirringly on her history working for the common good of the people of Texas and the United States in general. Obama spoke of “an economy increasingly in shambles,” and attacked NAFTA and other trade deals for sending … Continue reading The Obama-Clinton Debate

Hillary Evitable?

Michael Weiss recounts the ways in which Hillary Clinton’s nomination no longer appears inevitable. The Iowa and Intrade election markets today have Hillary at around 30 and Obama around 70. Those putting their money on the line are betting heavily in favor of Obama. (Of course, in a sense we’re all putting our money on the line.) Meanwhile, the markets price McCain’s chances at the … Continue reading Hillary Evitable?