More Marches

Add Montreal and Florence to that list. And here’s Joe the Plumber’s video report from Israel. He’s doing an outstanding job. How many other reporters are actually on the scene of rocket hits in Sderot, interviewing the mayor of Ashkelon, etc.? Just before 13:00 he turns the tables on a German reporter and asks her a question about Hamas’s destruction of greenhouses that she refuses … Continue reading More Marches

Sleepless in Sderot

Laura Bialis gives a first-hand report, which includes these reflections: I look at the press from the West and get very angry. Its mostly about their injuries. Another article about Palestinian protests about our attacks. This is ridiculous. If there were no rockets raining on us the IDF wouldn’t have anything to do there. I don’t like the way we are portrayed. We don’t want … Continue reading Sleepless in Sderot