Uh oh! Darwin was right?!

Here we go again.  First large-scale formal quantitative test confirms Darwin’s theory of universal common ancestry. … Until now, the theory that makes ladybugs, oak trees, champagne yeast and humans distant relatives has remained beyond the scope of a formal test. Now, a Brandeis biochemist reports in Nature the results of the first large scale, quantitative test of the famous theory that underpins modern evolutionary … Continue reading Uh oh! Darwin was right?!

Mission Statements

These days, most organizations—businesses, universities, churches, non-profits, and the various departments, committees, etc., within them—write mission statements. The statements are supposed to articulate the essence or purpose of the organization and thereby guide its activities. That mission statements are a good idea is generally taken as a given. Aside from some conglomerates who had plainly lost their way, however, and needed to sell off some … Continue reading Mission Statements