With Friends Like These….

J. O. Urmson, introducing a volume of essays by H. A. Pritchard: Certainly it must be conceded that his influence in his lifetime was great, particularly in his own university of Oxford; but this may be counted a misfortune. Did he not constantly overbear his opponents with dogmatic assertion? ‘If we reflect, we become forced to admit…’, he would say, and further discussion would be … Continue reading With Friends Like These….

Planted Questions

The blogosphere is abuzz with talk about Hillary Clinton’s campaign planting questions in audiences. In two days, two different instances have emerged in Iowa, leading to this Chris Muir cartoon. One planted question was about global warming (leading to her response, “You know, I find as I travel around Iowa that it’s usually young people that ask me about global warming”; now we know why!); … Continue reading Planted Questions

Abortion: A Religious Issue?

A reader brought to my attention Garry Wills’s article “Abortion Isn’t a Religious Issue” in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. It displays an astonishing ignorance of actual pro-life arguments. Wills contends that Much of the debate over abortion is based on a misconception — that it is a religious issue, that the pro-life advocates are acting out of religious conviction. It is not a theological matter … Continue reading Abortion: A Religious Issue?