Various Thoughts

I’ve been very busy getting two papers ready, so I haven’t been posting. But there are some stories to which I want to draw your attention. 1. High gasoline prices are just one obvious way in which President Obama’s environmental and energy policies are bearing their intended and foreseen fruits. I’m delighted that people are remembering his 2008 claim: “Under my plan… electricity rates would … Continue reading Various Thoughts

Climate Fraud

Alec Rawls makes the case for omitted variable fraud in global climate change models. His lengthy article is worth your time. The general idea: There is massive and well-accepted evidence for the influence of solar activity on the earth’s climate. For the 1750-2010 period examined, two variables correlate strongly with the observed warming (and hence with each other). Solar magnetic activity and atmospheric CO2 were … Continue reading Climate Fraud

Environmental Parasites

While we’re on the topic of the environment: Here’s a helpful summary of key emails from ClimateGate 2.0. Don’t fall for the line that misconduct revealed by these emails is irrelevant to scientific conclusions. The emails reveal that the source data is a complete mess. No one knows where it came from; no one can trace data points to specific locations; it’s been “corrected” or … Continue reading Environmental Parasites