Various Thoughts

I’ve been very busy getting two papers ready, so I haven’t been posting. But there are some stories to which I want to draw your attention. 1. High gasoline prices are just one obvious way in which President Obama’s environmental and energy policies are bearing their intended and foreseen fruits. I’m delighted that people are remembering his 2008 claim: “Under my plan… electricity rates would … Continue reading Various Thoughts

Our Dysfunctional Political Class

Glenn Reynolds finds additional evidence that our political class is dysfunctional. Sadly, such evidence seems all too easy to come by. Incoherence in energy policy and other areas stems in part from paying attention to polls. Even if every individual person had a coherent view of the subject matter—a plainly counterfactual assumption!—the collection of majority views might turn out to be incoherent. But I think … Continue reading Our Dysfunctional Political Class