Alternative Education

Glenn Reynolds writes about the growing popularity of alternatives to traditional public education. He makes an important sociological observation: This Industrial Era approach (public schools were organized in the 19th century on a Prussian model, explicitly to produce obedient, orderly workers) had advantages. But it also had disadvantages. Like interchangeable parts in an industrial machine, students were treated alike, regardless of their individual characteristics and … Continue reading Alternative Education

National Cultural Sabotage

The truth is out.  The British Labour party has intentionally permitted—indeed, encouraged—very high levels of immigration to ensure itself a permanent electoral majority and to undermine the “British” character of British society.  Melanie Phillips: So now the cat is well and truly out of the bag. For years, as the number of immigrants to Britain shot up apparently uncontrollably, the question was how exactly this … Continue reading National Cultural Sabotage

Islam and Democracy

Shrinkwrapped takes a balanced look at some deep and disturbing questions about the compatibility of Islam and democracy, and notes the complexity of the issues involved. Cultural as well as religious issues seem important to this question. Islam in Indonesia and in East Africa has, setting aside recent radical influences, seemed to evolve in relatively peaceful directions, while Islam in most Arab countries has generally … Continue reading Islam and Democracy

Politics and Culture

Glenn Reynolds makes some interesting observations on a piece by Bill Kristol, who argues that “You fight an election with the politicians you have,” and reactions by Bill Quick: “No, you fight an election over the principles you hold. When you are reduced to fighting an election with whatever politicians come to hand, you are admitting you – and your party – no longer have principles, and … Continue reading Politics and Culture

Freak Dances

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a page one article on a controversy in the Texas town of Argyle: Should schools permit “freak dancing” at school dances? Parents and some school officials are concerned that students dress and dance too provocatively. The rest is predictable; advocates of restrictions see moral collapse, while opponents compare this to shock over Elvis Presley’s gyrating hips. I have a simpler … Continue reading Freak Dances

The Disappearing Middle Class?

Virginia Postrel writes that the perception of a disappearing middle class is a function of land use regulation (Hat tip: Wall Street Journal): Dallas and Los Angeles represent two distinct models for successful American cities, which both reflect and reinforce different cultural and political attitudes. One model fosters a family-oriented, middle-class lifestyle—the proverbial home-centered “balanced life.” The other rewards highly productive, work-driven people with a … Continue reading The Disappearing Middle Class?