Obama’s Radical Past

Daniel Pipes observes that Obama’s connections to known radicals would prevent him from getting a security clearance.  Gateway Pundit has been digging out videos and photographs from Obama’s past, showing his close association with the socialist New Party. Stanley Kurtz tells us what that means. More than this, we now have substantial evidence that Obama himself was in fact a New Party member. We even … Continue reading Obama’s Radical Past

Sharing Offices

So, Barack Obama shared an office with Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky, two avowed communists, for years. Nothing to see here! Good thing we have the mainstream media to ask the important questions—the ones about Joe the Plumber’s private life, for example. Good grief. Continue reading Sharing Offices

The New Censorship

Barack Obama is complaining to the Department of Justice and threatening stations and networks with legal action to stop them from airing an independent ad that links him to domestic terrorism by way of his association with Bill Ayers. As Michelle Malkin points out, that doesn’t bode well for freedom of speech under an Obama administration. Obama calls the ad an “appalling lie.” But everything … Continue reading The New Censorship