The Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Stanley Kurtz has been digging through the files. Obama and Ayers worked closely together to radicalize Chicago schools, rejecting grant applications for programs to improve math and science education and pushing “small schools” dedicated to oppression studies and political activism. Continue reading The Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Unanswered Questions in Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago has promised to open the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Tuesday. But questions remain: 1) Were any of the materials tampered with or changed in any way after the University was contacted by Dr. Stanley Kurtz, a writer for the National Review, who was the individual whose request to review the CAC documents triggered the UIC shutdown? … Continue reading Unanswered Questions in Chicago

A Glimpse into the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Steve Diamond gives a taste of what might be hidden in the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Then again, Glenn Reynolds may be right: I suspect that anything damaging has vanished by now anyway. It’s Chicago, after all. Diamond’s information makes it seem that the CAC’s main objective was to create in Chicago something like the council system that has radicalized schools in Britain. … Continue reading A Glimpse into the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Cover-up in Chicago?

Stan Kurtz isn’t being allowed to review the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago, after initially being given permission. That’s the $50 million fund Bill Ayers ran and Barack Obama chaired. Kurtz explains the significance of this: Libraries are designed, not to unduly restrict information, but to make it available to an interested public. This country is now mere months away from a … Continue reading Cover-up in Chicago?