Obama’s Radical Past

Daniel Pipes observes that Obama’s connections to known radicals would prevent him from getting a security clearance.  Gateway Pundit has been digging out videos and photographs from Obama’s past, showing his close association with the socialist New Party. Stanley Kurtz tells us what that means. More than this, we now have substantial evidence that Obama himself was in fact a New Party member. We even … Continue reading Obama’s Radical Past

Cracking the ACORN

Sarah Palin has demanded that Obama release his communications with ACORN, the group to which he has had close ties in the past and to which he has given $800K for voter registration work during this campaign. The group is under investigation in many states for blatant voter fraud efforts. The Obama campaign’s response: to ask for an investigation of those alleging voter fraud! These … Continue reading Cracking the ACORN

Voter Fraud

ACORN, the group Barack Obama worked with, is up to its old tricks, registering lots of people to vote—many of whom have the unfortunate affliction of nonexistence. Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said … he sees rampant fraud in the 2,000 to 3,000 registrations ACORN turns in every week. His office sends out thousands of letters based on registration applications that don’t have … Continue reading Voter Fraud

Cracking Open ACORN

Michelle Malkin does a wonderful job of detailing some of the most noxious qualities of ACORN, the radical group with close connections to Barack Obama. ACORN, in my experience, consists of hard-left types who are utterly unprincipled, willing to break any law, manipulate any media, shut down any democratic process, in order to get what they want. And, they receive a lot of public money! … Continue reading Cracking Open ACORN