Texas and the First Amendment

Zombie has completed his analysis of the education wars, and has done a fair-minded job in describing the situation in Texas. Unlike Thomas Frank, I get it. I understand that American patriotism, far from being nothing more than the reactionary buzzword of small-minded bigots (as leftists believe), is based on a deep awareness that the United States of America is the first (and to date only) … Continue reading Texas and the First Amendment

Defending against Zombie Attacks

Zombie, a blogger for whom I have great respect, and whose blog I use in teaching for his wonderful examples of fauxtography, has begun a series on education in which he is looking at left-wing multiculturalists and conservative Christians and declaring a pox on both their houses. “The two competing visions couldn’t be more different. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Unfortunately, whichever side wins … Continue reading Defending against Zombie Attacks

I’m Back!—and Looking for Black Swans

I’m back after some time in the great north woods, staying in a cottage without internet connection or even cell phone coverage. I wasn’t even able to get internet access while in town. It was good to be “off the grid” for a while, swimming with the loons. (There were three on the pond this year—mom, dad, and a little loon.) But now the fall … Continue reading I’m Back!—and Looking for Black Swans

A Tsunami of Taxes

It’s no surprise that the economy is sputtering: The Obama administration has done its best to attack the private sector ever since it came to power. Its regulatory expansion, its massive and little-understood bills governing health care and the financial sector, its attacks on business in the media and before Congressional committees, and its push for cap-and-trade, card check, and other anti-business legislation have sown … Continue reading A Tsunami of Taxes


This is turning out to be the weirdest year in Texas, weather-wise.  After several years of drought that rivaled the all-time worst droughts of the last century, we’ve been getting copious amounts of rain.  Over 5 inches fell this past week at my house.  If it weren’t for all of the biting insects, you’d think it was England.  Oh, yeah, and the accents.  I understand … Continue reading Rain