Protesting Iran

Francis Beckwith and Meryl Yourish have details on how the Democrats have played hardball to prevent Sarah Palin from showing up at a protest of Iran. I like David Bernstein‘s comment best: Let me get this straight: if the only prominent American politician to attend a rally against Iran is Hillary Clinton, the rally is a neutral, nonpartisan event. If Hillary Clinton AND Sarah Palin … Continue reading Protesting Iran

Undercover Mosques

Britain’s Channel 4 visited mosques to find out what was being preached and taught, and discovered disturbing evidence that Saudi-funded mosques convey hate-filled political messages. A female reporter attends prayer meetings at an important British mosque which claims to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths. She secretly films shocking sermons given to the women-only congregation in which female preachers recite extremist and … Continue reading Undercover Mosques

The New Censorship

Barack Obama is complaining to the Department of Justice and threatening stations and networks with legal action to stop them from airing an independent ad that links him to domestic terrorism by way of his association with Bill Ayers. As Michelle Malkin points out, that doesn’t bode well for freedom of speech under an Obama administration. Obama calls the ad an “appalling lie.” But everything … Continue reading The New Censorship

Flying Imams Want Security Information

Charles Johnson reports that the “flying imams” who filed suit against US Airways are now demanding details of the airlines security procedures as part of the discovery process. Crossword Bebop: “Ok, let me get this straight. A group of imams led by a fundraiser for a Muslim charity (the Holy Land Foundation) which was shut down by the Treasury Department for its connections to Hamas, … Continue reading Flying Imams Want Security Information

Fighting Terrorism

On many issues, John McCain’s position is far enough to the left, and Barack Obama’s position is muddy enough, that it’s hard to draw sharp distinctions between them. That, I think, will be McCain’s most serious liability throughout the campaign. On some issues, however, they differ starkly. Fighting terrorism is one. Obama wants to return us to the 1990s model of treating terrorism as a … Continue reading Fighting Terrorism

Another Suicide Attempt

“Civilizations die by suicide, not by murder.” I’ve been thinking about Toynbee’s dictum over the past few days, recalling as well the title of Paul Johnson’s chapter on the sixties and seventies in Modern Times: “America’s Suicide Attempt.” I’ve been concerned for some time that we’re repeating the mistakes of the 1970s. I now think we’re embarking on another suicide attempt. Daniel Henninger writes of … Continue reading Another Suicide Attempt

Are They Syrias?

John Kerry and Chuch Hagel argue today for Barack Obama’s policy proposal of meeting with Syria’s Hafez Assad. Well, they’re certainly right that doing so “could redefine the strategic landscape in the Middle East.” Let’s look at their argument: The recent announcement of peace negotiations between Israel and Syria through Turkey, and the agreement between the Lebanese factions in Qatar – both apparently without meaningful … Continue reading Are They Syrias?