Bipartisanship, Part I

Barack Obama has promised a new kind of politics that transcends the divisions of the past. But, until the obfuscations of the past couple of weeks, there’s not a single issue on which he has deviated from the left wing of the Democratic party. Still, conversations with friends of mine who are Democrats convince me that there is room for bipartisan cooperation on a number … Continue reading Bipartisanship, Part I

Graphing States Politically

We’re all familiar with the red state/blue state divide. But these graphs, which distinguish economic from social conservatism, show some interesting relationships. It would be fascinating to see how the graphs have changed over time. There is a strong correlation between social and economic attitudes. The conservative analogue of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts is Idaho. New Hampshire is now clearly in the liberal quadrant, … Continue reading Graphing States Politically

Obama Up, Dow Down

Glenn Reynolds: A HEDGE-FUND READER EMAILS: Does this (the Dow since early May)… have anything to do with this (Obama/inTrade) ? It’s the correlation that no one in polite company is discussing. Luckily, we’re not so polite here. It’s certainly suggestive. UPDATE: Hey, maybe this is why Obama is talking so much economic nonsense. By doing so, he drives the stock market down, which makes … Continue reading Obama Up, Dow Down

The Wisdom of Solomon

Lawrence Solomon, that is, who challenges the idea that global warming is a bad thing. The earth was warmer than it is now back in the medieval warm period; the result was increased plant life, increased agricultural production, (relative) peace, prosperity, and a flowering of civilization. The Little Ace Age occurring around 1700 was a time of reduced production, famine, increased warfare, and financial difficulties. … Continue reading The Wisdom of Solomon

Mankiw on Free Trade

Greg Mankiw defends free trade against Robert Driskill’s attack. I’d add one more argument. Driskill claims that the benefits of free trade go to the few, the costs go to the many, and there’s no redistribution of the benefits to compensate them. Not only is there redistribution by way of the progressive tax system, as Mankiw notes, but the benefits of free trade extend much … Continue reading Mankiw on Free Trade

The New Frontier

Michael Malone writes in today’s Wall Street Journal about the new frontier of widespread entrepreneurship: The entire world seems to be heading toward points of inflection. The developing world is embarking on the digital age. The developed world is entering the Internet era. And the United States, once again at the vanguard, is on the verge of becoming the world’s first Entrepreneurial Nation…. In the … Continue reading The New Frontier