Joe the Plumber and Obama the Tabula Rasa

Maybe, for the first time, the shape of the current race is becoming clear. Joe the Plumber asked Barack Obama about taxes; Obama said that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” Now the Democrats are researching and attacking Joe, as if it matters who asked the question. What does matter is that Obama’s answer is prompting other questions. James Pethokoukis writes in US News … Continue reading Joe the Plumber and Obama the Tabula Rasa

The Panic of ’08

I’ve been resisting commenting on the financial crisis, wanting to have a better understanding before saying anything. But last night’s debate frustrated me; John McCain let Obama get away with alleging that the problem was a lack of regulation, when in fact it was a combination of government directives and cronyism on the part of Congressional Democrats. Power Line offers a video that does an … Continue reading The Panic of ’08

Obama and Taxes

Patrick Poole reminds us that Democrats often promise middle class tax cuts; the last one who delivered was JFK. He also observes that Obama’s spending plans can’t possibly be financed by increasing taxes only on the rich. Obama has produced at least three tax plans during this election campaign. The first two proposed increasing taxes very broadly. The last proposes increasing them for couples earning … Continue reading Obama and Taxes

Two Americas

Tom Blumer points out that red states and blue states are faring quite differently. Red states continue to experience healthy economic growth, while blue states are in recession. This may be why Democrats believe the economy to be in much worse shape than Republicans do—and than the facts justify. Things are bad in New England, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and California. But they’re just fine … Continue reading Two Americas

Health Care Equality

Robert Samuelson reports (HT: Greg Mankiw): t is widely assumed that health care, like most aspects of American life, shamefully shortchanges the poor. This is less true than it seems. Economist Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institution recently discovered this astonishing data: on average, annual health spending per person — from all private and government sources — is equal for the poorest and the richest … Continue reading Health Care Equality

Card Check Idiocy

Thomas Frank, in today’s Wall Street Journal, charges that opposition to card check legislation manifests “great, yawning” hypocrisy: What offends, rather, is the threat that card check poses to democracy itself. This is not a battle over something low and ugly like money. This is a fight for principle, for the American Way. It is about the sacredness of the secret ballot, about every individual’s … Continue reading Card Check Idiocy