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In Memoriam: Sasha

SashaSasha died today after a long fight with breast cancer. She took a turn for the worse on Saturday, but bounced back on Sunday and Monday, deciding, after 15 years indoors, that she wanted to spend her last days outside. She promptly dove into the pool on Sunday afternoon. So, we spent most of the rest of Sunday and Monday sitting together in the front yard. She slowed down on Tuesday, went to sleep on my lap, and never woke up.

Goodbye, my sweet friend. I’ll miss you.


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Tiger Lily and her five kittens are doing very well. Here the kittens have come out from their room to play and meet some other cats.

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Feline Friday: Tony

A couple of years ago, some friends of ours, Tony and Jane, began feeding a stray cat who had somehow wandered to their isolated property in the hills west of the city. Their own cat hated the newcomer and refused to let him inside. But he was sweet to humans, and eager to be petted. When Tony and Jane heard reports of coyotes in the area, they talked to us. We brought the cat home, and, in honor of our friends, named him Tony. Unlike most of our cats, who define their territory as upstairs or downstairs, Tony ranges over the whole house, and sleeps at my feet almost every night.

Tragically, our friend Tony died a week ago today in an automobile accident, just as he was about to retire. Tony the cat has been wondering why he’s been getting extra attention ever since.

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Feline Friday: Toby

Mack and TobyA year and a half ago some acquaintances began feeding some stray cats, a mom and three kittens, at their front door. They managed to catch one of the kittens. Because of cat allergies, they couldn’t keep it, but they knew whom to call. So, we adopted Toby. My younger daughter has doted on him, nicknaming him ‘Mr. Bud’, so that he’s now quite spoiled. Here he is catnapping with his good friend Mack.

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Feline Friday: Sasha

SashaFifteen years ago, one of our daughters’ babysitters found a beautiful, long-haired kitten in a dumpster near campus. She wanted to keep the kitten, but her parents wouldn’t let her bring it home for the summer, so we kept it for her. When she returned in the fall, she was living in an apartment that didn’t accept pets. So, the kitten became ours permanently. Sasha turned out to be a quiet, loving cat whose long fur turned her into a mobile dust mop. She’s old now, and much thinner than she used to be, but still has the soulful eyes she had as a kitten popping up from a dumpster looking for a home.

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Flemming Rose proposes that we answer Osama Bin Laden’s latest with defiance.

What should the response of Europe be? More cartoons or less cartoons? What kind of civilization are we, after all, if we refrain from mocking and ridiculing bin Laden and his followers?

In related news, the Bangladeshi cartoonist who drew a cartoon about a cat, was convicted and sentenced to a one-month jail term, has been released after six months.

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Free Tibet

Protests are spreading throughout China.

And, China’s treatment of cats is worth its own set of protests.

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