Feline Friday: Sasha

Fifteen years ago, one of our daughters’ babysitters found a beautiful, long-haired kitten in a dumpster near campus. She wanted to keep the kitten, but her parents wouldn’t let her bring it home for the summer, so we kept it for her. When she returned in the fall, she was living in an apartment that didn’t accept pets. So, the kitten became ours permanently. Sasha … Continue reading Feline Friday: Sasha

“Bin Laden Wants My Blood”

Flemming Rose proposes that we answer Osama Bin Laden’s latest with defiance. What should the response of Europe be? More cartoons or less cartoons? What kind of civilization are we, after all, if we refrain from mocking and ridiculing bin Laden and his followers? In related news, the Bangladeshi cartoonist who drew a cartoon about a cat, was convicted and sentenced to a one-month jail … Continue reading “Bin Laden Wants My Blood”

Spring Break Slowdown

Posting has been light this week, which was my spring break.  Despite the well known spring break acceleration of time, however, the explanation has little to do with spring break and much to do with a cat, an open laptop, and a bottle of Hefeweizen. Luckily, the cat and the laptop survived. Here are some links to articles that I find well worth reading: Jonathan … Continue reading Spring Break Slowdown

Feline Friday: Patch

Some acquaintances had a cat, Freckles‘s sister, who gave birth and began having some serious medical problems. They couldn’t afford treatment. We offered to pay and to keep the cat indoors with her two kittens while she recovered. The acquaintances moved, and all three cats became ours. The momma cat, Patch, recovered nicely. She’s kind, loving, and has fur as soft as a rabbit’s. She … Continue reading Feline Friday: Patch

Feline Friday: Freckles

In late 2000, some acquaintances with a large contingent of outdoor, semi-stray cats gave us two kittens: Freckles and Nicky. They were best friends, playing together, napping together—inseparable. They craved water the way most cats crave tuna. Then, suddenly, Nicky became sluggish. We took him to the vet, who discovered that he had (and may well have been born with) FIP, feline infectious peritonitis. The … Continue reading Feline Friday: Freckles