What Has Charlotte to Do with Jerusalem?

The Democrats have removed reference to God—specifically, to God-given rights—from the Democratic Party Platform. They’ve also removed recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This is hugely important, and not for the reasons that most people think. The first is not just an expression of secularism, which has been integral to the Democratic Party for decades. It’s a full embrace of Rousseau, and a thorough and official rejection of Locke and Jefferson. The Democratic Party, by its own declaration, is no longer a party that endorses a conception of natural rights. It no longer takes its inspiration from the American Founding. It holds that all rights are creations of government. It holds, in other words, that no rights, no dignity, no value inhere in us as human beings. Together with its loud advocacy of abortion rights, it makes it clear that it embraces what the Pope refers to as the culture of death. It is the intellectual heir of the French Revolution, not the American Revolution.

The second tilts the party’s platform sharply toward the Arab side of the Arab-Israeli dispute. But it does much more. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. If it isn’t, what is? The administration won’t say. The Democratic Party cannot recognize simple facts as facts. It refuses to accept as real anything it does not desire. It is now officially embraces denial.

Of course, that’s not a surprise. A party that, once every four years, pretends to be pro-military, to value American strength and exceptionalism, and to expand opportunities for the poor and middle class without having any plan to improve economic growth or reform out-of-control entitlements is already in denial—if it’s not simply a con.

At least they’re saying something new.

One thought on “What Has Charlotte to Do with Jerusalem?

  1. A hallmark of the modern left is the denial of objective reality. Worse, if permitted, they warp opposing arguments into things their opponents never said or intended or they make up quotes out of whole cloth and feel free to attribute them to their opponents d’jour. It doesn’t matter if they are liberals or progressives, socialists or communists — if it doesn’t fit the narrative they won’t accept the truths they see around them. They treat opponents as unworthy at best or down right evil and malevolent at worst.

    This week an Austrian academic “sentenced” more than a hundred “climate deniers” to death — for the sin of disagreeing with his perceived wisdom. And, oh, by the by, he’d be happy to consign a few hundred thousand Catholic priests and clergymen to perdition for the sin of opposing birth control. The charge? Deniers might be complicit in hundreds of millions of death if Global Warming is the problem he thinks it is. The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests for not permitting abortion or contraception. For bringing millions of lives to fruition who might have been ended prematurely. Of course, he is silent about the hundred or so million people whose lives were ended by the adherents to his belief systems.

    That the “blue” model of social systems is failing around the world escapes people who willfully look away. How a liberal/progressive or whatever they will call themselves to escape opprobrium, can look at the horror of our inner cities and be content is beyond me. Two parent families are the true minority; there is a greater chance of a ghetto child spending most of his life in jail than in school. College? That’s a joke!

    Somewhere, somehow we need a leader on the right who is going to give the left a serious reality check. We need a real stem-winding demagogue, who isn’t afraid to speak his (or her!) mind. A little Bible-thumping might help.

    We need this person sooner rather than later. I’m afraid our society is circling the drain, about to be sucked under.

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