The Essence of the Left

Wretchard, in the comments, gets to the heart of the Leftist impulse, and, while he’s at it, of limited government. I’m going to quote the comment in full, because this strikes me as deeply insightful. It captures the essence of the Obama administration as well as anything I’ve ever seen.

The drama in China features our old friends, the useful fools and the players. In order to climb to the top and displace their rivals, every now and again an enterprising group of villanos undertakes to recruit enough estupidos to back a play to overthrow their rivals. So they sell the estupidos these pie in the sky promises, which are really like callback functions whose true value returns down the road.

Sometimes the scam is called “the new left” other times “the old left”, still others may name it “hope and change”, but it’s the same thing. An async call to the Stash. In the meantime the villains make their way to the center of power while the useful fools are beside themselves with gleeful anticipation.

“Boy when that callback function returns we’re all going to be rich! Our kids are all going to college. Everyone’s going to get an affordable home. We’ll get money for nothing and our chicks for free!”

Well you hope. But in the meanwhile, since its an asynchronous call, the aspiring villano are free to proceed with the process of gaining power while the estupidos sit around spellbound waiting for the promised goodies to come back from the server.

The game is for the villains to get into power and barricade themselves in before the server either returns an error or presents them with an empty data set, which it will if the Stash is after all, nonexistent.

This game is sometimes called the “check is in the mail” and kicking the can down the road. It is a game all politicians know how to play, although one of the best known of these scams, known as ‘communism’ appears to be the most successful since it gets the estupidos to go kill each other so the villanos can live in palaces and live the life of kings.

The whole process of limited government relies on the widespread belief there is no Worker’s Paradise, just a world that, with some luck, can get a little better each year. And there are no saviors or Vanguards of the Proletariat, just representatives who are no better and hopefully no worse, than the Common Man. Only if there are no supply of willing estupidos is there any hope of curbing the antics of villanos.

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