When a church passes away

Pictured is what’s remaining of Trinity Lutheran in Dallas TX. I got this from Google Maps (what a resource, right?). I looked it up after receiving an email from my brother with a news story that it is to become a branch of Dallas YMCA. From dallasnews.com:

The Y has plans to resurrect the site of the vacant Trinity Lutheran Church — a block away from the present building — into a new branch, and most nearby residents appear to support the project. “We can’t do anything else but get better, hopefully, and more spacious,” Skinner said. The Y has a contract on the church property, at the corner of Gaston and Loving avenues, and the Dallas Plan Commission will consider a zoning-change application in May. If approved, the White Rock branch may open the new facility by 2014.

This news is sad to me because this is where my grandparents worshipped for over 40 years. They both passed away before the church was shuttered. I attended both their memorial services there. I watched my grandfather suddenly interrupt the pastor eulogizing my grandmother, his wife, calling for a hymn to be played and sung, the hymn my grandmother had played at her baptism generations ago, and he sang it without aid of the hymnbook – at a time when he sometimes failed to remember his grown children and grandchildren. An amazing feat to me.

From a very young age, my family travelled from Louisiana up to Dallas, and spend numerous Easter Sundays in the pews before going back to the grandparents house to hunt Easter eggs with the cousins, and of course later I went with my own kids.

It is sad to think there are other weddings, baptisms, Christmas Eves, and weekly Sunday services that will vanish from memory.

Thankfully, my faith tells me God has not forgotten, and welcomes home all those who worked and worshipped here. I am thankful for this place that took care of my grandparents because the results of their lives were wonderful, and I remember them often (my grandfather’s beloved rocking chair sits in my living room).

PS  I got to meet the great Dallas Cowboy defensive lineman Jethro Pugh one Sunday as he also attended here. Enormous thrill.

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