Cost Of Occupy Austin (and it will continue to grow)

From KLBJ 590AM here in Austin:

The Austin Police Department says monitoring the Occupy Austin Movement cost the department over one point one million dollars.  Assistant Chief David Carter says they have used over 26 thousand man hours. Carter says they made 136 arrests during the occupation that lasted from October 6th, 2011 through February 3rd, 2012.  KLBJ’s Carol Nelson reports Occupy Austin has indicated they will be occupying the South by Southwest Music Festival.

I attended several Tea Party events in Austin, at the Capitol Building and Zilker Park among others, and $1.1 million would have been about $1.1 million more than was needed for security, cleanup, or law enforcement. How can Occupy even pretend they are valid at that price tag? What a bunch of parasites.

The SXSW music festival, which ties up Austin downtown into knots anyway, doesn’t need those Occupy Jackwagons mucking things up further.

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