Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

What is all the fuss about Mitt’s taxes? If he has made millions of dollars and has paid only 15% in taxes, then he is our guy to be president. Obviously he knows how to manage cash. Just imagine what this could mean to federal spending. Perhaps a balanced budget? Perhaps deficit reduction? This is a tremendous plus in his column.

In addition, I would request that Obama release a lot of documents he has failed to come across with. Medical records, school records, school funding records, the list goes on and on, except for the birth certificate. Tax returns get released as soon as the president opens his records for inspection.

I am not sold on Mitt Romney, but if he is the one running vs Obama, I will vote for him. But that is a really long list. Oh, I won’t vote third party – throwing away your vote, meaning a vote for Obama, if you do.

4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

  1. When I heard him say that his rate was in the 15% range, I felt like the woman at the bar in “When Harry Met Sally”: “I’ll have what he’s having.”

  2. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. I’ve got to stand before God and give an account for what I do one day so if it comes to these two I’ll be staying home.
    Voting is not a scriptural requirement. My integrity is.

  3. If something of value is on fire, the fire must first be put out. Then we examine the root cause of the fire and take corrective action. Next we check the wiring to make sure similar conditions don’t exist that started the previous fire.

    I don’t consider Romney to be evil. Hopefully he is the fire extinguisher. Many steps happen afterward.

    I’d like to hear what he intends to do if he has to fill some Supreme Court positions.

    If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. Watch the house burn down or get in the bucket line.

  4. When a man stands before millions of Americans and says that he agrees that the President has the right to decide that a citizen is a potential terrorist without any evidence taken to a court of law. That that citizen can then be put in a prison without charge indefinitely without trial THAT is EVIL. Sorry.
    This guy is willing to put you in a prison if he thinks something you say might be a threat to US security. eg. criticizing him publicly on your blog might qualify in his little brain. Doesn’t matter whether it makes any sense or whether others would think it is threatening if the President decides YOU are a threat, You are going to prison.
    That is called tyranny and we already have a tyrant in there. Oh Oh Oh then he says we would just need to trust his character not to abuse that authority. The Founding Fathers kept that kind of Crap out of the hands of Presidents, and the other two bodies of Federal government as well, for a reason. You can’t trust a man with power exclusively given to him without checks and balances.
    Any man who is willing to take such action is untrustworthyby default for that office and is EVIL. There is a reason I capitalize every letter and that is because I do not believe there is anything good in the man. In fact between he and Obama I am not certain which is the worst devil.
    As for watching the house burn there is only one solution besides divine intervention and that would be a drastic change as called for by Ron Paul. The house is a lot further gone than most are willing to admit and he will take the actions necessary to deal with it.
    When you have an out of control fire sometimes you have to knock down a wall or two to save the structure. A fire extinguisher might have worked in Reagan’s day but the fire has been getting fuel tossed on it by both sides for 30 years now. We are not going to take care of it with some pissant squirty solutions. This is a 5 alarm fire that needs someone with the guts to make hard decisions.
    Someone who isn’t in a popularity contest and is willing to go in and do the radical surgery to save the patient. We have a tumor that is goinna kill this nation and it has got to be dealt with. Taking our vitamins is not going to get it out. Someone is going to have to be willing to do the grueling task of surgically excising the stuff that will kill this nation.
    Ron Paul can’t do it alone but he can begin the process and bring in others who understand how to get the patient back on it’s feet and walking. Eventually to run and be strong again. The alternative is that we will be dead, perhaps literally, within a few short years as a nation.
    Do not misunderstand RP is no savior.In the case of nations as with individuals only God and our own efforts to choose the proper way of doing things will save us. What RP is, is a catalyst for a radical shift to a renewed way of viewing ourselves as a nation and how our economy and place in the world should look.
    BTW I realize I mixed my metaphors there but this is a comment to a blog not a blog itself so…

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