Obama in Pittsburgh

The current Drudge headline—Obama in Pittsburgh, October 2008:

And now, October 2011:

Meanwhile, after threatening guards at the National Air and Space Museum, the Occupy DC crowd has dwindled to 53 people. (No wonder; they already occupy the White House and the Senate!) Occupy Atlanta, in a creepy display reminiscent of the Red Guards, invited John Lewis but then refused to let him speak. In Los Angeles, a speaker earns cheers from the Occupy crowd by calling for violent revolution. The more press coverage these protests get, the more Americans will turn against them and turn against the Leftist politicians that support them. But of course the protests aren’t the reason that enthusiasm for Obama has waned. It’s that nothing Obama has done has worked, and nothing he proposes doing now promises anything but more of the same. Who could enthusiastically support this?

He’s not a policy wizard; he’s not the inspiring speaker his supporters claimed he was; he seems withdrawn. Hope and change!

One thought on “Obama in Pittsburgh

  1. From your Russia correspondent: I found an Obama supporter here! A Russian cabbie who also thinks Putin is “veddy gud”. Yo, I need an absentee ballot over here!

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