So, the public sector unions are joining the Occupy protests; Obama and Pelosi speak out in support of the protestors; people (especially Hispanics, perhaps to make the protests look less white?) are being bussed in and paid to protest; the protestors seem unable to explain why they’re protesting; rhetoric is becoming violent; and, in what The Hill refers to as a “shocking development,” Reid uses the nuclear option in the Senate. Where is all this heading?

It’s becoming clearer that the protests are being organized by leftist groups allied with the administration and encouraged quite openly by the administration. They are not in response to anything in particular. There have been no sudden increases in inequality or corporate control or whatever these people are upset about. The banks are not even doing particularly well. The economic conditions that are truly worth protesting are the effects of Obama administration policies. Indeed, Wall Street support was crucial to getting Obama elected. The protests are a tool of the administration, which is sending Americans out on to the streets—for what? To what end?

UPDATE: Rush today, quoting Stan Kurtz, is linking this to Saul Alinsky’s idea that you bring about radical social change by getting the broad middle class furious with large corporations. There are lots of great posts at Thoughts from a Conservative Mom—keep scrolling! And see Jeffrey Kuhner, whom she quotes:

Occupy Wall Street seeks to demonize big banks, large corporations and capitalism. Its goal is to overturn America’s economic structure. The protesters are calling for wealth redistribution, fees on bank profits and massive tax increases on the rich. Many are demanding a socialist revolution – the confiscation of private property and nationalization of the economy. They are the heirs of Karl MarxFriedrich Engels andVladimir Lenin. Their aim is to impose the hammer and sickle upon America….

Hence, Occupy Wall Street is not a spontaneous uprising of disenchanted citizens frustrated with corporate plutocracy and capitalist excess. Rather, it is a planned, manufactured attempt to prop up Mr. Obama’s failed presidency. It is a page taken straight from the Alinsky playbook: Demonize bankers and businessmen in order to divert attention from the real source of our economic woes, Mr. Obama’s policies….

Alinsky argued that an economic crisis inevitably fosters a political crisis. The key for the hard left was to take advantage of our misery to seize power and impose a socialist regime. By sowing street mayhem, Occupy Wall Street is hoping to demoralize and distract Middle America into believing big business is the evil culprit for the financial collapse. The very opposite, however, is true. Meddlesome government intervention caused the housing bubble, the subprime mortgage debacle and the reckless bank lending practices that triggered the Great Recession. The way out is not more statism; it is less. Only a vibrant free market can restore economic recovery and stimulate job growth.

The protesters are not interested in real solutions. They are political activists masquerading as concerned citizens. Progressives are desperate to keep Mr. Obama in office. This is why the president is deliberately encouraging Occupy Wall Street. He hopes to create enough bedlam and then target Republicans, the Tea Party and the rich. He is pursuing the Alinsky strategy of divide and conquer, pitting interest groups and different classes against each other.

Mr. Obama has unleashed class hatred and racial hostility in the pursuit of state socialism. It is clear that his 2008 campaign slogan of “hope and change” was really a thinly veiled rallying cry, not to save the nation, but to precipitate the downfall of American capitalism.

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