Things White People Do—Occupy!

I’ve been to several tea parties, and I can assure you that there’s a lot more diversity at them than at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Tea parties have some blacks, lots of Hispanics, lots of young people, lots of old people, lots of families, and lots of women. In contrast, look at this CBS photo (HT: Glenn Reynolds):

And this is in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world in just about every respect.

I think they’re worried about the loss of privilege that a withdrawal of subsidies might bring.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has noticed the same thing. “Progressives of pallor”! I like it!

4 thoughts on “Things White People Do—Occupy!

  1. I was watching some alternative news sources last night, the 6th, and they interviewed someone who was of African decent, Hispanic and someone who appeared to be of Eastern Indian decent. In the background and on crowd shots from the air at various angles there appeared to be a lot of non-whites in the crowd.
    I do not agree with all they are saying BUT something needs to be done about the fact that government bails out banks and rich folk. I actually believe government shouldn’t be helping anyone including other nations, I lean toward Ron Paul in that.
    We certainly need some sort of change in this nation and revolution, preferably non violent, may be all that is left to us. Unfortunately, governments are violent intrinsically so it may end up that we will need to defend ourselves. They are supposed to be afraid of us not the other way around.
    I kind of like that they may be squirming a bit especially with the threat from anonymous yesterday to delete the NYSE on the 10th. Certainly will be interesting to see if it will be a viable threat.

  2. I agree—pictures have been showing a more diverse crowd over the past day or so. I wonder whether they’ve been bringing in more minorities to present a different image—we know they’re bussing in Hispanics who are being paid to be there, for example—or whether they’re just managing the photo opportunities more effectively.

    I didn’t like the bailouts either, but I think the solution is to vote the current administration out. I’m baffled by people who say, “Things are terrible! So, you’d better reelect Obama!” Democrats had the Presidency and both houses of Congress for two years (and still have the Senate); aren’t the problems their responsibility?

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