Super Bowl on Twitter: 4,064 tweets per second!

Its like watching the game with 162.9 million of your friends. Twitter graphs its usage over the course of the 2011 Super Bowl. The big event had its own Twitter record, too. If you tweeted at 10:07:16pm EST, you helped set a new Twitter record: during the final moments of the game, fans sent 4,064 Tweets per second (TPS) – the highest TPS for any … Continue reading Super Bowl on Twitter: 4,064 tweets per second!

Hanson’s Incompatibility Theorem

Victor Davis Hanson often writes brilliantly about foreign affairs. His latest is exquisite. After detailing the incoherence of the Left’s pronouncements on Middle Eastern policy over the past decade—an incoherence that, were he willing to write something much longer, could be extended back many more decades—Hanson writes, Hillary was right about her 3AM slur, and Obama is acting as any 2-year Senate veteran might in … Continue reading Hanson’s Incompatibility Theorem