“Wow. Just Wow.”

That’s what one commenter has said after viewing the video released in support of the 10:10 initiative, and international effort to get people to cut their carbon emissions 10%. My thoughts exactly. I thought I was watching a heavy-handed spoof of the totalitarian impulses behind the environmental movement. And then I realized that it wasn’t a spoof. Good grief.

3 thoughts on ““Wow. Just Wow.”

  1. A friend of mine sent me the video and said, “This is humorous but don’t view after a meal.” I watched it, thought it was a spoof, then got another email from another friend that linked to an article lambasting 10:10 for making it. I had to tell Friend #1 that it wasn’t a “humour” video- we were all in shock.

    And yet we’ve always understood that at the root of so much thinking on the Left is a loathing of humanity itself. The Utopian impulse is always, “Things would be great if people were different” which inevitably leads to thoughts of how to make people different. Incentives? Education? Elimination of the resistant?

  2. WAS eating breakfast as I watched this- but I’m so desensitized that my sausages were just as good. I wonder if they meant to say that, if you don’t cut carbon, then you might as well be dead because the planet’s not going to be treating us very well in return. It’s not a very clear movie. I wonder who directed it.

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