The Plain Truth about Israel

That’s the title of Caroline Glick’s latest, and she does a magnificent job of refuting what has become an all-too-popular idea on the Left and in the Obama administration, namely, that Israel is little but a thorn in the side of the United States. In fact, Israel is our most reliable and important ally, and Glick points out some of the reasons why:

  • Israel is a democracy: “the US does not need to worry a change in leadership in Jerusalem will cause Israel to abandon its alliance with the US.”
  • The alliance is therefore stable.
  • Israeli intelligence has been immensely valuable in the war on terror.
  • Israeli technology, including pilotless “drone” aircraft, plays a vital role in U.S. military strategy.
  • Israel’s enemies are our enemies, the enemies of civilization. Thus, “when Israel is called on to fight its enemies, its successes redound to the US’s benefit.”
  • Israel played an important role in the U.S. victory in the Cold War, by, among other things, defeating Syria’s Russian-equipped military, demonstrating the superiority of U.S. technology to both sides.
  • “Israel’s strength, which it has used only in self-defense, is inherently non-threatening. Far from destabilizing the region, a strong Israel stabilizes the Middle East by deterring the most radical actors from attacking…. A strong Israel empowers the relatively moderate actors in the region to stand up to the radical actors in the region because they trust Israel to keep the radicals in check. When Israel is weakened the radical forces are emboldened. Regional stability is thrown asunder. Wars become more likely. Attacks on oil resources increase. The most radical sub-state actors and regimes are encouraged to strike.”

Glick also criticizes concisely the quest for a Palestinian state that has dominated the policies of both Republican and Democratic administrations:

To the extent that the two-state solution assumes that Israel must contract itself to within the indefensible 1949 ceasefire lines and allow a hostile Palestinian state allied with terrorist organizations to take power in the areas it vacates, the two-state solution is predicated on making Israel weak and empowering radicals. In light of this, the two-state solution as presently constituted is antithetical to America’s most vital strategic interests in the Middle East.

That’s the plain truth, and, in light of the continuing control of Palestinian territories by terrorist organizations and their sympathizers and enablers, it’s an obvious truth. Why do Americans insist on working toward an outcome that is likely to be a disaster, not only for Israel, but for the U.S. as well?

One thought on “The Plain Truth about Israel

  1. I think the current administration is working on a “one state solution.”

    The flaccid depravity of our current policy in the Middle East is making us less safe by the minute. It’s depressing and frightening.

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