Plug the Damn Hole, Barry: A Strategy for Several Problems Plaguing the Obama Presidency

Taking a brief time out from the workaday quotidien-ness of the crisisblur that is the Obama Presidency, Barry, a.k.a. Whiner-in-Chief, joined Barbara Boxer for a fundraiser in San Francisco, a city that seems to bring out the best, or at least the most honest, of our Dear Leader’s Vaunted Rhetorical Skills:

“Let’s face it this has been the toughest year and a half since any year and a half since the 1930s,” he said.

Oh, uh huh.  I think JFK might disagree with you: he had a year and a half that ended really, really badly.  LBJ didn’t have it so easy, I mean, it’s hard to imagine this but there was violence in the streets in 1968 even before the Tea Partiers started their campaign of chaos and distruction.  Maybe Truman had a hard year and a half, two. I don’t think the ’40’s were a cakewalk for FDR, either.  Huh- maybe even George Bush could weigh in with a “Shucks, that’s nothin'” , if he were as devoid of dignity as our current president.

Psssst, Barry: Yeah, these problems you’re facing, that we’re all facing, they’re terrible.  What’s worse, far, far worse, is that you have handled every last one of them incompetently and with a partisanship that is paralysing the country.

Let’s take another look at your to-do list, shall we?  Biggest ecological disaster ever brewing in the Gulf Coast.  Oh, that’s right: you have to give an interview to Marv Albert and talk about basketball.  NoKo and SoKo on the verge of war, but you have time to play the links.  Iran merrily speeding toward nuclear status, and Hezbollah acquiring missiles: time to get your knickers in a twist over an apartment building in Jerusalem.   And Memorial Day, the laying of the wreath? Whoops- time for a Chi-town fix with Michelle and the girls.

I know, Barry, reminding you of your Most Megalomaniacal Moment would be mean, but that’s how I roll.  So, hey, when do the Sooper Dooper Earth Healing Powers kick in?

File under “Great Minds Think Alike”: this is the reference for the title of this post, and here is the visual, h/t MoonBattery and America is an Obamanation!

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