Does this make me epistemically open?

I don’t see how you can “automatically” strip anyone of citizenship without a trial that establishes guilt.  And even if that were the case, the Left doesn’t care about citizenship: for them, non-citizens have the same rights as citizens. Joe Lieberman is supposedly trying to update sedition laws to preremptorily strip citizenship from people who consort with, give aid to, take training from enemies of the United States.  How do you do that without trying them?  If they are citizens, they are entitled to due process, which presumably includes the presumption of innocence.  The score: cutie pie Scott Brown is co-sponsoring Lieberman’s bill (saying, “It’s about prevention” which is precisely the problem…), Charles Krauthammer agrees with them;  John Boehner, Jacob Sullum, and some others see it my way. [Update: Sen. Lieberman explains his bill in a press conference.  My question is, do we really- really– want the State Department deciding whose citizenship gets revoked? In the 1940’s, Alger Hiss was in the State Department and his ideological grandchildren are populating Foggy Bottom to this day.  The President Emeritus of the Saul Alinsky Fan Club is the Sec State, for heaven’s sake.  And they did such a fine job revoking Abdulmutallab’s visa-  he wasn’t even a citizen! As a practical matter, this places the State Department in the role of actually doing something for our national security.  Yeah, right.]

I’m sad that this clothes designer is going out of business.  She designed the good stuff, not this.  By the way, I got the last link by googling “Michelle Obama’s ugliest outfit.”

While I agree with the sentiment behind the Arizona Immigration bill, I wonder if it is constitutional (Jennifer Rubin cautions), or even especially helpful to local law enforcement.

A mistress’s lament: “I don’t like how mistresses are being portrayed in the media,” she says as she recalls Norman Mailer’s irresistable seduction: “He offered to help her with her manuscript, which included an account of her one night stand with Warren Beatty. He put his hand on her shoulder and said, ‘Take off your panties.  I want to feel your soul.'”  I dunno.  I get the feeling that this is a woman who wants her privates in print.  Or maybe these are just the two famous guys and she’s screwed a jillion other guys whose names don’t sell books.

I’m sorry: I’m so grossed out by the idea of anyone agreeing to be touched by Norman Mailer I’m going to have to go to my happy place, which today is Part 4 of the Discourse on Method by René Descartes.  Yeah, the famous “I think therefore I am.”  What  a crock, but at least he doesn’t touch anybody’s soul.

2 thoughts on “Does this make me epistemically open?

  1. Just a thought: The Constitution doesn’t actually give us any rights. According to the founders, we had such rights before the Constitution. Rather, the Constitution restricts what the government can do. So whether someone is a citizen or not, they’re still entitled to due process because our government isn’t allowed to do otherwise. There are certain rights that come with citizenship, but due process isn’t one of them.

    However, for that same reason, any law that attempts to strip citizenship without due process is bound to go down in flames as unconstitutional.

  2. While your point is technically true, the Constitution is what we’re working off of. And the body of jurisprudence that has shown what we can and cannot expect by way of protections. There are excellent and compelling reasons not to extend all of the protections guaranteed to citizens to non-citizens engaged in attacking our country, especially those who are captured on the battlefield (that seems clear cut to me, but there are many, many folks, some not so liberal, who don’t like the idea of indefinite detention.)

    In Sen Lieberman’s statement, he says that the State Department makes a judgment and you can appeal it, and that’s “due process.” I don’t see it that way, looks like you don’t either, and I think a lot of people don’t. But you have to wonder: the Administration says, sure! But they are the same folks who are bragging about targeting an American citizen for assassination, and then making a joke about it at the White House Press Corps dinner. So much for due process. Ha. Ha.

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