Words, Just Words… Lots and Lots of ’em

From “Notable and Quotable” on the op-ed page of the WSJ: John McWhorter writing last week for TNR.com: Why does Sarah Palin talk the way she does? . . . [She] is given to meandering phraseology of a kind suggesting someone more commenting on impressions as they enter and leave her head rather than constructing insights about them. . . . The easy score is … Continue reading Words, Just Words… Lots and Lots of ’em

Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I saw “Borat” and I regretted it, until now.  Is Barack Obama really sure that Sasha Barron Cohen wasn’t on the other side of this conversation? President Obama said Sunday that the United States is still “working on” democracy and a top aide said he has taken “historic steps” to improve democracy in the United States during his time in office. The remarks came as … Continue reading Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

When is Stealing Unethical? This is a real stumper… At the NYT

I occasionally read The Ethicist column in the NYT.  I think I read the first few because I was fascinated that they just got some guy who seemed a bit more honest than the rest of the people looking for a job at the Times to write the column.  I’m not kidding, but if you ask me to pay money to get the introductory column, … Continue reading When is Stealing Unethical? This is a real stumper… At the NYT

Out of Sync

Do any of you remember the Michael Dukakis campaign?  It was one of the most memorably bad campaigns e.v.e.r.  It was back in the days when my husband, who has since sworn off nightly news (even the News Hour with Jim Lehrer- cue retching noises) used to tape the news so that he could watch it.  In an effort to get to the interesting part … Continue reading Out of Sync

Assassinating American Citizens

OK, I’m just as happy seeing al-Awlaqi meet his maker and however many virgins.  But, for those of us who did take the whole FISA debate seriously, and that whole due process rigamarole that the Bill of Rights blathers on about, and as someone who felt the sting of the sarcasm embodied in the bumpersticker wisdom of “Go Ahead, Take My Rights; I Wasn’t Using … Continue reading Assassinating American Citizens

Revising History

The Texas State Board of Education has been stirring controversy by revising the State Social Studies Curriculum Standards. The revisions raise important questions about the relationship between government, religion, and education. Yesterday, two University of Texas professors debated the issue as part of the University’s Chautauqua Series. Here are their opening statements. Daniel Bonevac, Professor of Philosophy, defended the Board’s revisions, and Lorenzo Sadun, Professor of Mathematics, critiqued them. … Continue reading Revising History

“Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Nuke No Evil”

The Obama administration has announced an arms agreement with Russia, according to which we will no longer test, maintain, replenish, or expand our stockpile of nuclear weapons, and, moreover, cut them back by 20%; a policy of “no first use” of nuclear weapons, according to which we will not use nuclear weapons unless someone nukes us first, even if they launch devastating chemical or biological … Continue reading “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Nuke No Evil”


Michelle Malkin celebrates the defeat of proposed rule changes to Scrabble. Allegedly, proper names were going to be allowable. As a conservative I applaud this as well. Liberalism has infiltrated too many areas of our daily life. … we were initially horrified to hear the rumors started by Time Magazine that Scrabble was succumbing to the lowest common denominator and changing its rules to allow … Continue reading Kwyjibo