Out of Sync

Do any of you remember the Michael Dukakis campaign?  It was one of the most memorably bad campaigns e.v.e.r.  It was back in the days when my husband, who has since sworn off nightly news (even the News Hour with Jim Lehrer- cue retching noises) used to tape the news so that he could watch it.  In an effort to get to the interesting part (the weather?) he fast-forwarded through the Susan Estrich interview.  It turns out fast-forwarding through Susan Estrich is wildly funny because when she pauses from talking she smiles this HUGE smile, Cheshire Cat-like.  We watched the interview at 4X over and over again.

I digress.  Dukakis’s mantra was, “Good Jobs at Good Wages.”  This slogan and its variants has been the watchword of all the Democrat candidates for more than two decades- until an actual crisis in employment arises.  Then, despite repeated promises to “pivot” to jobs, no one has said boo (if you’ll excuse the expression, Mr. Steele, Congressional Black Caucus, et al) about actually attending to unemployment.

It’s almost like they want millions of unemployed… dependent on checks from the government… with no recourse to private health insurance….

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