Assassinating American Citizens

OK, I’m just as happy seeing al-Awlaqi meet his maker and however many virgins.  But, for those of us who did take the whole FISA debate seriously, and that whole due process rigamarole that the Bill of Rights blathers on about, and as someone who felt the sting of the sarcasm embodied in the bumpersticker wisdom of “Go Ahead, Take My Rights; I Wasn’t Using Them Anyway” I just wanted to ask: where are all the Lefties on this?  I mean, this is a guy who actually IS an American.  Has he been tried, even in absentia?  What about “guilty until proven innocent?”  What about Miranda? Oh, I see.  That only works for Nigerian Jihadis who have had the great good fortune to land mostly intact on American soil, even if that wasn’t the plan (Philo- you’re the music guy- can we have Abumutallab’s theme, “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” cued up?)

Where is the ACLU? Has anyone uttered a peep about this? Is all the angst about rendition spent and we have none to spare for the imminent smithereenhood of an American citizen?  Isn’t vaporization somewhat worse than waterboarding or getting the Quran wet?

And I’m not asking rhetorically here.  I really don’t think we should be assassinating American citizens by executive order.  There should be a trial, in absentia, and if found guilty of say, treason (huh- that has a nice old fashioned ring to it, doesn’t it?) he should be stripped of his American citizenship.

You know, Roman justice was pretty brutal, but one of the perks of citizenship was that you had the privilege of being beheaded if you were to be executed.

3 thoughts on “Assassinating American Citizens

  1. I’m amazed by this too. Stopping Bush’s “violations of human rights” was supposedly a matter of “fierce moral urgency,” but now, instead of imprisoning people at Guantanamo, we just blow them up, and that’s morally better?

  2. I am a lefty and I’m outraged. But you are right, there hasn’t been much coverage of this although I am sure people on the left like Glen Greenwald will pick it up because to his credit, he is willing to criticize democrats about these legal issues even though he’s a democrat.

    1. Stacy,

      This is going to sound silly, perhaps, but I blame the media and John McCain for failing to press Obama on what positive steps he was going to take. It’s one thing to criticize the Bush administration’s handling of the detainment and questioning of suspected terrorists; it’s another to say how you’d do it better. I don’t think Obama had any plan on how to do it better, so we get the assassination of an American citizen, a planned New York trial that may or may not happen, etc. Meanwhile, Gitmo remains open.

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