Outing the CIA

Isn’t this, like, you know, treason? And people like this now work in the Department of Justice? Debra Burlingame and Tom Joscelyn report that [Jennifer] Daskal wasn’t just a critic of the CIA. They say she helped stalked the Agency as part of an effort that undermined its covert operations and put its agents at risk…. Burlingame and Joscelyn also report that lawyers for Gitmo … Continue reading Outing the CIA

Lent, and Music, and Liturgy, and Stuff

Last year I made the decision to get serious about not being an Episcopalian anymore, and [extensive edits for length] decided to become a Roman Catholic, which will finally happen in a couple of weeks.  Anyway, in the process of educating myself about the Church I’ve come across the answer to a burning question: why does the music that is sung in mass suck really … Continue reading Lent, and Music, and Liturgy, and Stuff

OK, I Have Sob Story for Real

Several years ago, a woman I know contracted breast cancer.  She was either uninsured or under-insured so she had to go to a public facility to get treatment.  Her payments, if any, were based on her ability to pay.  She got her treatments and she’s completely cured.  A couple years after this ordeal, Barack Obama was elected.  She was overheard expressing deep relief at the … Continue reading OK, I Have Sob Story for Real

External Reasons to Oppose the Health Care Bill

There are many reasons to oppose the health care monstrosity that the Democrats are trying to stuff down the throats of the American people. It will increase costs, decrease the quality of health care, lead to rationing, impose a two-tier system in which the politically connected will enjoy something like the current system while the rest of us are herded into a much inferior public … Continue reading External Reasons to Oppose the Health Care Bill

Monopoly Money

The President: Washington is a place where tax dollars are often treated like Monopoly money — they’re bartered and traded, and they’re divvied up among lobbyists and special interests, and where waste — even billions of dollars of waste — is accepted as the price of doing business. Well, he should know; he’s the chief perpetrator—a $220 billion deficit in February alone, and a health … Continue reading Monopoly Money