Liberty dies to applause and to cheers of “yes we can”

Watching the US House pass the healthcare bill two nights ago left me shaking my head and my ire at democrats skyrocketing. I can’t and will not listen to them, and refuse to believe they can ever be trusted with the keys to the country. Eleven states are prepared to file suit against this legislation and I hope against all hope they are successful. (Brings to mind the line from Dumb & Dumber – ‘so you’re saying there’s a chance?’)

One of the better dialogues of the day was between Mark Steyn and Dennis Miller. Steyn reacts in a blog post “Happy Dependence Day” on National Review online. The best quip from Miller being that New Hampshire will be receiving Stimulus funds to get people jobs scrubbing the word “free” from every place the state motto (Live Free or Die) appears, making it “Live or Die” as a consequence of the new health care laws.

How could anyone believe there are Pro-Life democrats after this. Stupak is such a cheap date. Who believed he would have ever voted against the bill? How his head was turned by an executive order is pure foolishness – let’s see, Obama also signed an order closing Gitmo in one year, to no effect. Laura Ingraham has nickname Stupak as “Stooge-pac”.

Repeal? Charles Krauthammer (also on with Miller) says very unlikely and predicts the value added tax. He and Steyn are the two sharpest knives in the drawer, and they both say this bill is an intermediary stage and we will keep moving to a single payer system. Who can argue against?

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