OK, I Have Sob Story for Real

Several years ago, a woman I know contracted breast cancer.  She was either uninsured or under-insured so she had to go to a public facility to get treatment.  Her payments, if any, were based on her ability to pay.  She got her treatments and she’s completely cured.  A couple years after this ordeal, Barack Obama was elected.  She was overheard expressing deep relief at the prospect of having someone in the White House who “understood her.”

One more added tidbit: her husband is a fully qualified RN, but decided a number of years ago that the 40 hour week, work-day-world wasn’t his bag, so he quit.  To my knowledge, he does pick up work only and she’s the primary breadwinner.  Funny, that, because there is a screaming shortage of nurses in this town like there is any place and the hospitals here offer the best health insurance plans of any employer locally, for obvious reasons.

So, just to review the bidding: her husband is qualified to hold a well compensated position with fabulous bennies, but chooses not to.  The charity system, part public-part private, paid for her treatment and she was cured.  But they both want the rest of us taxed to death and for our children and grandchildren to pay the bills for their health care, and they want the government to have the say about who gets treated and in what way.

One thing’s for sure: Barack Obama understands this mentality very, very well.

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