“The Biggest Abdication by the West Since the 1930s”

That’s Mark Steyn‘s title, as he notes the West’s obsession with trivial and generally pointless safety regulation (pancake flipping? hot tubs? He might have added Toyota recalls and global warming) while letting Iran become a nuclear power. It is now certain that Tehran will get its nukes, and very soon. This is the biggest abdication of responsibility by the western powers since the 1930s. It … Continue reading “The Biggest Abdication by the West Since the 1930s”

The Poor Are Getting… Richer!

Economists at MIT and Columbia have studied global poverty rates since 1970, and have come up with some important findings. 1. Globally, the poverty rate has declined dramatically. The 1970s and 1980s witnessed especially sharp declines in poverty rates. 2. The distribution of income has shifted upward, but also toward equality among various regions of the world. Here’s the graph for 1970: Here’s the same … Continue reading The Poor Are Getting… Richer!

The Punch

Iran is proclaiming that it will launch a devastating punch to the West on Thursday. Michael Ledeen contemplates what it might be—stressing the possibility of an internal crackdown—while Richard Fernandez reflects on the utter failure of Obama’s diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from seeking nuclear weapons. He summarizes: In summary, the curtain rises on a scene where 1) Barack Obama has failed to contain Iranian … Continue reading The Punch

Remember When We voted for BO’s Dog?

I know I voted for the Chinese Crested because it was obviously a collectivist. But today I’m asking readers to weigh in on a possible- and I stress possible- acquisition of a third dog.  Here’s the back story: as you know, we lost Tristan the Happy Warrior last summer.  My dearly beloved really thought Tristan was the best and misses him, but has been loathe … Continue reading Remember When We voted for BO’s Dog?