Snow in Austin!

Cactus in the Snow

It’s snowing in Austin, Texas, with temperatures more than 30 degrees below average for this time of year. Meanwhile, Climategate, which has become a huge scandal with lots of media coverage everywhere but the U.S., continues to reveal the extent to which global warming has been a pseudo-scientific con game. Climate scientists have withdrawn claims of rising sea levels. Charlie Martin paints the big picture:

The emails showed, clearly, that some of the widely mocked conspiracy theories were true. There had actually been a concerted effort to prevent the “skeptics” (or “denialists”) from getting access to data, and to prevent anyone who didn’t accept the AGW theory wholeheartedly from being published. If the skeptics were stubborn enough, there were even conspiracies to attack their professional credentials and to effectively eject them from the scientific community. There were even half-joking threats to “beat the s*** out of them.”….

One primary public relations argument for the warmists has been the threat of the Himalayan glaciers — which are the source for many rivers in India — disappearing by 2035. That turned out to be based on a conversation, reported by a journalist, repeated by the World Wildlife Fund, and included, without citation, in the IPCC AR4.

This showed up on Roger Pielke Sr.’s blog. It spread through numerous outlets (including PJM), and the IPCC was forced to withdraw that statement. Further digging found that the WWF’s unreviewed position papers were used dozens of times to support the “peer reviewed” assessment reports.

Roger Pielke Jr. then demonstrated that peer reviewed research showing there was no evidence that AGW was causing increased storm intensity or storm damage was published by the IPCC as concluding the exact opposite.

An increasing body of evidence suggests that the methods used to “homogenize” global temperature data were very effectively adding a warming bias to that data — a “thumb on the scale” that appears to account for a good bit of the observed warming. Opaque methodology and poor data archiving make it very difficult to reliably, repeatably reconstruct even the homogenized temperatures. And the Climategate emails revealed ways in which people whose research contradicted AGW were marginalized and isolated.

There is more — much more — to come on the science and how it has been distorted.

One thought on “Snow in Austin!

  1. The whole Climate Change industry is unraveling so quickly that if you aren’t blogging about it 20 times a day, you miss more big revelations. Just this week, the big “oopsie” was that, on review, the predictions that the oceans would rise 3′ by 2100 seem to be based on faulty calculations. Back to the drawing board! Just think, if this had been peer-reviewed to begin with… oh, wait: it was peer reviewed, or at least that’s what they kept telling us. Personally, this comes as a blow because I was counting on my little piece of Central Texas being a beach house for the great-grandkids.

    My personal favorite revelation is the reason Phil Jones didn’t comply with the FOI requests. He said in his interview with the BBC that the data weren’t well organized enough for other people to look at them! Brilliant! Only he and people beholden to him for their livelihoods could make heads or tails out of that mountain of you-know-what!

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