Morning Jolt®

I’m really liking Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt.  Subscribe here.

In his “Addenda” bit, he notes that John and Elizabeth Edwards are separated.  It’s a shame- I had the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for E to give to J:

OK, maybe she could spring for an undetonated pair.  Gives whole new meaning to the phrase, “Blow job.”

Does “al-Qaeda’s Secret” have an 800 number?  Lemme ask Nadal Hasan.

Also, Mike Pence is not running for Evan Bayh’s seat because he thinks that Republicans will take back the House in November.  I like this on a number of levels.  Mike Pence has become one of my favorite pols because I trust a man who is all in for the team.  Mind you- taking the House will not be easy, but Mr. Pence is committed.  Excellent.

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