Oh, The Horror!

Just when the nightmares of ’80’s PC crapola were beginning to recede (only to be replaced by a superfluity of more current crapola) the spectre of Ebonics has reared its ugly head.  Or more accurately, Harry Reid reared his and dared to point out the obvious: Barack the Bi-lingual is a huge improvement over Jesse the Bro-lingual.

I’m with Steve Hayes (“It’s just weird to hear anyone say ‘Negro dialect'”) and Ward Connerly, the King of Crap-Cutting (“…I can tell in probably 90% of the cases whether an individual is black merely by talking to him on the telephone.”)

As for the “light skinned” comment, how about “light and thin”?  Not 3 days ago, I saw a picture of our president with Charlie Crist and thought, “Rule of thumb: if your fake-bake makes you darker than the president, you need to cut your oven time.”   In Charlie Crist’s case, I volunteer to stick a toothpick in him to see if he’s done.  A really big toothpick.

As if by magic, Jesse Jackson was on cue with a timely new coinage: “bankster.”  You know, a predatory lender.  Excellent!

And the dumbest response to the Harry Reid Dialectic?  Envelope, please…. Barack Obama!

“This is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. For him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try and make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense.”

The “right side of history” was a tired cliche when George Clooney bandied it around in 2004 stumping for John Kerry, but history caught up with Harry in 2007 in record time: no sooner had he uttered the words, “The war is lost” in Iraq, than the tide turned.  Little trip down memory lane…

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