So much has been happening on Climategate that I haven’t been able to keep up and blog too.  Meanwhile, my Handel concert tomorrow may be snowed out!  The high being predicted for tomorrow is thirty degrees below normal.  Global warming, my ***!

Here are a few highlights: Phil Jones has stepped down as Director of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit, pending an investigation.  The CRU has announced that it discarded the original, unadjusted climate data.  Penn State has opened an investigation into Michael Mann.  Attempts to run the programs downloaded by the “hacker” have failed; they just generate reams of error messages.  The EPA has apparently relied heavily on East Anglia results in reaching its absurd decision to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant.  NASA has been resisting Freedom of Information Act requests for its underlying data for the past two years.  Temperature records for New Zealand, finally released, show nothing like the upward swing that official, published graphs have shown.  Australia has voted down a cap-and-trade law.  India, China, and Brazil have announced their firm opposition to any climate accord.  And now we can see the decline the researchers were trying to hide:

Deleted data

And the ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news shows still have not reported on Climategate.  Last night they were scooped by Comedy Central!  Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi thinks the only issue is how to prosecute the whistle-blower.  The Travis Monitor reprints a useful chart showing threat levels to the politically correct consensus:


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