The Power of Faith

Another brilliant post from Richard Fernandez, with an outstanding bit in the comments about the importance of religion and the dangers of materialism:

Like Voltaire and perhaps Pascal, I think it is always in a man’s personal interest to claim he is something more than an animal or the equivalent of a barrel of chemicals. There are enough forces out there trying to enslave and kill you without volunteering the proposition that we’re all just jumped up monkeys. You must at least allow for the remote possibility that we truly are sacred; and that not a sparrow falls to earth without a heavenly Father taking note. If a man won’t argue his cause, if a man can’t at least hope that his “individual act of love” will last or try to last forever, then nobody else will. Because sure as heck the bearded prophets of Marxism would like nothing better than to assign, or better yet tattoo a serial number on you with an expiration date and a recycling destination. I would almost say that to believe in God, or at least to allow for the possibility of His existence is the most fundamental act of rebellion possible. You defy the universe and certainly the State to extinguish you….

The most subversive sentences of the Declaration are all to do with the legitimacy of the pursuit of happiness; and the celebration of our dangerously impertinent desire to look up at the skies and call each star by its name.

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