Smart Diplomacy

First President Obama gives up missile defenses in Poland the Czech Republic in exchange for. . . well, evidently, nothing.  Now, it turns out he declined to press Iran’s leadership on its phony election because he had a deal in the works—a deal on which he’s now been double-crossed.  What ever possessed him to think that he would engage in smarter diplomacy than the Bush administration?  Why, for that matter, did anyone believe him?  The Illinois state legislature is not known for producing people skilled in foreign diplomacy.

Then again, I’m not convinced that the President is as naive as these incidents make him appear.  There’s another possibility: that he’s accomplished exactly what he wanted, namely, shifting power away from the United States and its allies and toward Russia and Iran.  He gives every appearance of wanting a weaker United States.

One thought on “Smart Diplomacy

  1. Repeat after me: “No country has the right to dominate any other country.”

    This is the kind of diplomacy you get when you watch too much Sesame Street. As an adult.

    OK, I’m done spamming you. It’s been a long 10 weeks. xoxoxo.

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