I’m Back!

Well, after a break of about ten weeks—featuring moving two daughters off to college, the start of a new semester, some deadlines for writing papers and composing music, and two deaths (of my sister-in-law and one of my students)—I’m eager to get back to blogging.  Thanks to all those who have noticed that I’ve been absent.

I’ve often had the urge to blog over the past couple of months, but mostly I’ve been watching in dull amazement as the Obama administration, evidently filled with members of the loony left, pursues domestic and foreign policies that seem designed to repeat all the mistakes of the Carter administration, but at a greater order of magnitude.  How do you post an incredulous stare?

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. I see your dull amazement and raise you a permanently dropped jaw (oh, is that covered in the Baucus bill?)a, a religious conversion, and six migraines.

    8-O, I think.

    I’m dithering about unleashing all of my pent up irritation at your lack of posts in this one comment, or spreading my invective across all of today’s posts…

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