Ridicule is the best weapon…

So said Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals.  But, guess what, Saul?  The same tactic can be used against you.  In fact, nothing is more ridiculous than radical ideas dressed up in “reasonable” clothing.  That’s what Russ Carnahan found out on Monday.

Meanwhile, Ben Cardin encounters real anger.  I remember when Dan Rostenkowski was chased down the street by a group of senior citizens.  The Senators and Congressmen who vote for any Obama health care reform proposal had better get used to such treatment—especially when people find that their parents, spouses, and children can no longer get treatments they can get now.

But don’t worry.  According to the President, you don’t need that pacemaker; some painkillers would do just fine!

One thought on “Ridicule is the best weapon…

  1. If you listen to the youtube of Obama in your last link, you’ll hear the ubiquitous rhetorical device of the leftist: We, as a society, need to make better choices…

    This really means: A government commission will tell you what the best “choice” is because you as an individual will act selfishly, heedlessly taking precious resources from people who are less “temporarily alive” than you are.

    Obama uses the “We as a society…” phrase over and over again when he’s talking about introducing any kind of regulation or policy.

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