Obama: Pro-Islamist

Melanie Phillips points out that we have a pro-Islamist President:

Sanitising Islam through false claims about its historic achievements and selective and misleading quotation from the Koran, he declared that it was part of his responsibility to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

Why? Did this mean therefore that he would fight against any condemnation of the theologically based Jew-hatred pouring out of the Islamic world, not least in Egypt where he was making this speech?

Did he not have a similar responsibility to fight against the negative stereotypes of Jews or Zionists that are inciting terrorism, war and genocide in the Muslim world?

Through the use of a Koranic reference, he also subtly implied that Jerusalem would become Muslim while stating that it should be home equally to Christians, Muslims and Jews.

And he referred to the region as being where Islam was first revealed. This was a revealing word to choose, implying acknowledgement of divine revelation. ‘Revealed’ is the language of a believer.

None of this proves Obama is really a Muslim. But it does all suggest that America has a pro-Islamist President.

It seemed obvious to me that a vote for Obama was a vote for the destruction of Israel.  The signs were plentiful, even during the campaign.  Of course, it also seemed obvious to me that a vote for Obama was a vote for the destruction of democracy, not only in Israel, but everywhere else (Iran? Honduras?), including the United States.

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